Advocate Spotlight: Samantha Stone!

This week’s Advocate Spotlight is Samantha Stone, LCSW. Samantha has been a sexual assault advocate in St. Tammany Parish with Metro Centers for Community Advocacy for over 7 years. She works with survivors individually and in groups. She also does outreach and community education. 


Samantha’s favorite thing about being an advocate: “I love this job! It is truly my calling. I have never been happier in a position as a social worker. I get to work with survivors who I watch grow, learn, become empowered, and eventually spread their wings and fly on their own after trauma. My client’s hard work and dedication to the process inspires me to be a better advocate and a better human being!”

Challenges for advocacy: “Lack of education within the legal and medical systems. The fact that I have, over and over again, seen survivors revictimzed by these entities is the most frustrating part. I would love to see more training for law enforcement, lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, etc.”

Fun facts!: “Planes, trains, automobiles, cruise ships….I love to travel anywhere at anytime! I am a football fanatic!”


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