Finding Hope in Hopelessness: The strength of affirmation

Life presents situations that create uncertainty and discourse. These can be very personal or widespread occurrences. With so much stacking up, how can one live a whole life that goes beyond mere moments of happiness? Long term happiness is what everyone strives to have. Long term happiness makes life good. So, how can one achieve long term happiness?

The simple act of living presents challenging situations. There are traumatic events that can shape one’s outlook on life and there are those who experience another’s trauma vicariously which also shapes one’s outlook. Current conditions only add to the stress of achieving happiness making it very difficult to have hope, to be happy, and to believe that, in the end, everything is going to work out for the best.

What can we do during these arduous times? Know that hope can be found in the hopelessness. A technique referred to as “steeping” is a mental exercise that can be used to “find” hope. Steeping starts with a phrase. Find a simple phrase that is positive. “All is well” is simple and positive. Say it over and over again, either out loud or mentally, and listen to it as it is being said each time. Although at that moment all may not seem well, just hearing that phrase over and over again helps. It can actually help a great deal. Even if at that moment it can’t be seen how things are going to work out and if they will be okay, hope comes out of that phrase. Positive thinking and affirmation inspires and encourages to get through challenging times. 

Of course, choosing to be negative in thought and cry out in pain can be helpful in it’s own way. However, there is always the possibility of getting stuck. Choosing to be repetitive in negative thoughts and actions can cage one’s mind in negativity. Climbing out of negativity becomes more difficult the longer it is experienced. One thing is certain, life isn’t permanent and things will change. To steep ourselves in the concept that ultimately “all is well,” helps to get through the incredibly adverse times and negative thoughts until things have changed. It gives hope and the ability to move towards healing and in the direction of happiness and getting well again. This happens because steeping is convincing.

Steeping “all is well” can be a beacon that cuts through dark days, even if it is only one minute at a time. Say “all is well” for one minute, then the next minute, then the next. Each minute grows to one hour, one hour can grow to a day which helps to win the battle and have entire days back that could have been lost. Eventually, the darkness is gone.

There may be temporary set backs, but the big picture is one of better times. Choose to believe that there is hope and that in time things will change. Steeping, hanging onto hope, can produce amazing outcomes and bring someone through the journey to long term happiness.

Reference: Robert Puff Ph.D.

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